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Rent my 3 bed House, North Birmingham, United Kingdom

Victorian villa situated in Sutton Coldfield with easy access via train to Birmingham city centre and airport. Minutes walk away from the si..


Rent my 2 bed Apartment, Central Birmingham, United Kingdom

This is a delightful 2 bedroom 2 bathroom flat in Symphony court. Available to move in from 01 June 2022 this property benefits from secur..


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2022 Birmingham Commonwealth Games

In the summer of 2022, thousands of athletes, officials and spectators from more than 70 nations and territories will hit Birmingham for the Commonwealth Games. Make the most of this rental opportunity.

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Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games Rental Map

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Alexander Stadium

Arena Birmingham

Cannock Chase Forest

Coventry Stadium and Arena

Edgbaston Stadium


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2 bed House in Birmingham, United Kingdom. Posted by Jason Thompson. 30/07/2022

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2 bed House in Birmingham, United Kingdom. Posted by Laurol Campbell. 30/07/2022

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2 bed House

Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games

by Laurol Campbell

2 bed House

Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games

by Jason Thompson

2 bed Apartment

Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games

by Neil

3 bed Apartment

Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games

by Neil

1 bed Room

Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games

by Paul

2 bed House

Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games

by mark