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In the beginning
matthew parker

Having a fascination of all things Australian founder Matthew Parker took inspiration from home rental success stories during the Sydney 2000 Olympics. Initially with the London 2012 Olympics in mind, Matt set about creating to put together London homeowners with guests looking for a place to rent. The site is now open for any form of private rental, short or long term.

Due to the level of worldwide interest and support shown in the project the opportunity has been extended to major global sporting events. is growing fast and has already received global media coverage and rental success during the US Tennis Open, London 2012 Olympics, US Masters and the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games.

What is

Founded in 2007 is a community marketplace for people to list, discover and book unique, convenient and comfortable home rental accommodation close to major global sporting events.

How it works

Our site offers the chance to experience local culture and lifestyle by staying in a home conveniently close to major sporting events.


We are unusual. We do not charge commission on your rental income. Media have highlighted the difficulties with scams and fraud prevalent in free to list sites. In view of this and to help maintain the integrity of the site we do ask for one payment £20 to list. There is no commission charged for the advertising and promotional service provided. Rental money is yours to keep.


It is free for guests to signup and contact homeowners. Make the most of this great opportunity to save money rather than paying expensive hotel prices.

The journey so far

We are amazed and excited at the global response to the site and the entrepreneurial spirit shown by Sport-Events homeowners as private rental opportunities are recognised. The site is now in full swing as we monitor the interaction and exchanges between guests and homeowners and our range of adverts continue to grow.

Rental community

Introduce yourself and find out about potential guests and homeowners through our fast growing Sport-Events rental network. This social feature was introduced to enhance interaction and security.


Due to the expansion of the site in terms of registrations, adverts and traffic we are able to offer useful commercial exposure to businesses that would benefit from space on the site. Please contact for further details.

Global network

The overall success and popularity of the site has prompted the creation of our global network. - rent privately owned properties from London people - rent privately owned properties at global sporting events